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Enhancing the Circle

I have gone on record multiple times saying that I am unable to sit down and meditate properly.  Meaning with quietness, deep breaths, lightness, and emptying of thoughts. I have now incorporated the Bodhi Circle into my life for a few weeks, and the only thing to report about my experience has been my ongoing learning to deal with sitting down. Quietening down. Breathing well.

I am loath to harp on my failures, but I have not had any kind of success in my attempts at meditation so far. On the days when I do get to quiet myself down for more than five minutes, I am happy to say, I have slept better or felt happier. But there have not been many such days.

I know this has been more my special personal journey than any belief that meditation is “not for me”. So in spite of my deleteriously repetitive experience, I am persisting. Now, who was it who had likened me to a bulldog? “She latches on and never lets go!” 

 So when Deepak Chopra announced his latest Meditation Challenge a few weeks back, scheduled to begin today, I jumped on the wagon immediately. I don’t know whether you can still register, but why not give it a try? For the novice, such courses are extremely helpful. And for the experienced, please join in as well, as your energy will help lift the energy around the globe. I am sure, this being the third time that I have registered on a meditation challenge from Deepak, I will experience the luck that is famed to come at the third try, and I encourage everyone to do the same. Perhaps, for others, beginner’s luck will triumph. The previous times I registered, I did not meditate once in the assigned twenty one days. For good measure, I scowled fiercely when anyone tried to remind me of my commitment. Now so now. Today is Day 1. I am proud to report, I have started a new journey. 

Therefore, I feel that I will be able to continue and at the end of the 21 days, I will have developed a habit that will last me a lifetime. Easy, no? Of course, easy!

So, tell me, do YOU meditate? Would you LIKE to meditate? Do you feel meditation is for everybody?



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  1. I must say, I too find it hard to sit in meditation. Because when I sit, without distraction, there is nothing between me and my overwhelming emotions that rise up. So I get agitated. Want to move, turn off the dripping tap, move the hair out of my face, close the curtain a little…>!! ANYTHING, to not have to sit with myself. And then I realize, that is what meditation is for me. It is not about emptying the mind and being in bliss (for me at least). It is about sitting with myself and finding comfort in the discomfort and accepting myself as I am. That’s the bliss. 🙂 Love and light.

    • Thank you, for visiting, and commenting. I have been told by practised and experienced yogis, that it can take years… the success lies in the attempt. Even sitting down, and getting started is vital. Hats off to you for persisting!


  2. I’ve not seriously attempted proper meditation, you know the sitting down type. When I run though, I sometimes get into a really good state of mind – hard to describe but it’s when things completely flow, my mind has gone quiet and my body is doing its own thing.
    Now that I’ve written that, I’m not sure I really know what meditation is. Is it your mind being completely still with no thoughts at all? Or is it a peaceful state when thoughts seem to come from somewhere else?

  3. Hello WarmGinger…..

    I have read about runners and walkers describe their meditative state of mind when they are out in nature running/walking, and I believe such a form of meditation is as bona fide as the sitting down in an empty space.

    To me, meditation is about reaching a place within oneself that is one with the Universe. It is about a state of calm, and confidence and love. All guided meditations I have experienced seem to first take you to a state of relaxation and empty mindedness. This is then followed by specific visualisations, or chanting, etc. Regardless of the method, peace, calm, love and a certain feeling of being grounded seems to always be the end result.

    I know Hindu monks, and Buddhist monks pass their days in a state of meditation, in which they go about all of their daily duties.

    ……. Okay…. Tomorrow I will put up a more thought out and researched post on meditation.

    Thank you for asking. We will now both learn! 🙂

  4. I try to meditate every morning. It is my way of entering the day. Beautifu post.

  5. I have tried sitting meditation and have never had the calming experience from it that so many others do. But when I sit outside with paper and pen and write haiku, I find the oneness that you write about above. Writing haiku (or writing anything, really) brings me into the present, makes me observant, helps me feel the beauty in the world around me. I wonder if that could also be considered a form of meditation? I wish you luck on your meditation journey – if you want it badly enough, you will succeed 🙂

    • Thank you for visiting, and leaving your thoughts. I believe when you write, you experience a form of meditation. That is so cool!

  6. I meditate every night. But I have been doing this for 35 years, so it just seems natural to me now. It takes a lot of practice, but once it clicks – it really clicks! :D.

    • Hi Dianne! Wow! I bow to you, ma’am! 35 years? Thanks for the encouragement. I am sure when I am ready I will also be able to say that it has clicked 🙂 I shall persevere……..

  7. This is a life long journey and we have this whole life to practice. The results DO come but perseverance is the key.

    To experience and appreciate the “life force” within our breath is the greatest source of personal peace, because living within the conscious feeling of this power will tame our wandering mind and allow us to be who we really are – our true self – in peace and love.

    The gift of breath is everything – the beginning and end of human life. This is not something to be taken for granted, but is a reason, every moment of our life, to feel appreciation and infinite gratitude.

    Those who are motivated from the longing and thirst withing, will find the way – it is their destiny.

    All dreams come true – in their own time.

    • Thank you, John for the helpful comments. I truly believe that this journey will just get bigger and better with time. So I am sticking to it, and every stumbling step I take, takes me closer to living in unity with That Which is Within, and Everywhere.


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