A work of art is the unique result of a unique temperament. ~Oscar Wilde

Have you ever had one of those days when everything goes along just right? I am sure you have ! You know, when the sun is just bright enough, the wind not too cool, or warm, the temperature just right. The right birds singing in the trees. But that is not all. Everything you need to do gets done, and things you did not even think to put on the list, get ticked off, leaving nothing but a shining pure, bedazzling smile!

That’s the kind of day I am having.

None of that, “I will just watch this oh-so-important clip on Youtube it’s only 4:01 minutes long”… and three hours later…

None of that “Oh no, I have only done two things on my list, and now I have remembered five other things that I should have put on there and totally forgot about!!!!”

Nope. I awoke to the buzz of “It’s a wonderful day…” Lyrics and tune mine.  Rolled around till I felt like getting up. Checked WordPress. Fed Hungry Boy. Did mundane chores including cooking and washing. The smile and the song still shining all around me. I have even completed this post! WHOOPPPEEE!

The chipped nail polish is only a reminder to take it off, and I am sure there will be time  to put on a fresh coat before we go out to dinner…. And I will get there on time. Unusually and perfectly.

Time is following my needs today. It is neither slow, nor fast, nor on its own agenda.  Who was it who said that time is a human construct? They were so right.

I offer up my thanks for today, and the love and happiness I feel right now.

Do you have happy days? Do you feel unstoppable, and more importantly, just a lightness of being? What makes you feel so? When?cooking moments



Comments on: "Swimmingly Precisely Serendipitously" (6)

  1. Lakshmi Loves To Shop said:

    My husband just cooked a wonderful curry…I offer my thanks for today 🙂

  2. I just love the word ‘serendipity’! I’m so glad you’re having a wonderful day – mine is pretty nice too 🙂

    • I absolutely love the word, too!. It carries a nice meaning, has the word serene hidden in it, and sounds quirky when you say it!. Thanks for your like, as well!

  3. I love the imagery of time following your needs. He’s got taste. 😉
    I think I get days like that when I remain focused and concentrate on achieving one thing (I like to take it easy) – anything from getting something written, nailing a scene, to giving my children 100% and not just responding to them quickly in between housework and cooking and phone calls.
    I’m thankful today for being nagged by my eldest to stop frowning -“just smile mummy, give it your best shot” really made both of us laugh.

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