A work of art is the unique result of a unique temperament. ~Oscar Wilde

The Yogic Housewife has tagged me, and I spent a few days thinking about what I would like for Christmas.

I wanted to make it meaningful. “World Peace” is too wishy washy, “17 Million Dollars” is too embarrassing to own to, and “New Cushions For The Couch” would be immediately vetoed by Daughter. ( Her life’s mission being to make sure I don’t buy any more cushions).

I could wish for Dolphin Safe Fishing. Or Free Seas for Whales. But Greenpeace are looking after that. Thank you, Greenpeace.

I could wish for  “Well Fed World” But World Vision is up all night making sure that happens. WooHoo! World Vision!


Or a Zombie free Apocalypse. But our Prime Minister  has assured us that the Government has it all under control.


So I am free to choose:

Christian Dior’s Lipsticks and Nail Polishes from their Limited edition Le Grand Bal Collection. All fours shades of each will do nicely, thank you. Very kind of you to offer, but I can do without the eye shadows and all those other items of glamour. I do not need to be inundated with gifts.

Dior Le Grand Bal

It seems like I now need to tag five bloggers:



Yoga with Maheshwari


Lakshmi Loves To Shop


What would YOU like for Christmas?

NB: I found this fun to do, but to those whom I have tagged, let me assure you, I release you from the need to continue the chain. No harm will come to you or anyone you know, or do not know, from your ignoring the tag. I wish all of those who have supported me in my blogging attempt(s) this year and before, A Very Merry Christmas, and may you all be as Silly as you please!

PS: I shall continue writing posts, because I find I love to do so. That will be part of my silliness. Does anyone visit blogs during the hey go mad days of the Christmas Season?


Comments on: "Tag! Christmas Wish List" (5)

  1. I love this! A Zombie free Apocalypse had me giggling! 😀

    • Hi Dianne, :). Thank you for giggling!

      Festivals always drive me a little crazy, and since I come from a culture where there is always another festival around the corner, I have a lot of crazy days!!!

  2. My husband asked me what I wanted the other evening and I’m still struggling to come up with anything novel. I find it really difficult to connect with owning stuff, but I do like drinking out of fine bone china so I’m always delighted with a posh mug and of course, a beautiful notebook is always welcome.
    Those lipsticks look gorgeous – maybe I should actually browse a mall or two for inspiration.

    • Notebooks are great! Moleskins are my favourite!
      Fine bone China gladdens my heart! Drinking out of a posh mug and reading/writing, transports me, too.
      Both great gifts to consider!
      I love startling people with very red lips! Hence this collection was just made for me!

      • Me too, although I probably don’t do it often enough. Moleskins can’t really be topped can they? Your pen or pencil just glides over the paper.

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