A work of art is the unique result of a unique temperament. ~Oscar Wilde

BE well…. I hope this resonates with you as it did with me!

The Red Fox and Deer Lady....

Each person, at whichever state or stage of life, wants to feel better. Some are struggling with circumstances, others… with health. Some are stressed and reeling, others unhappy. Some, merely uneasy… others, four-feet under…   
Yet, all is supposedly well!  WellBeing

What, then, is being well?

Physically, when you feel light, energetic and at your quickest, you are well.
Mentally, when you are optimistic, cheerful and at your most calm, you are well.
Emotionally, when you are happy, peaceful and loving (yes!), you are well.
(While the quality of each state is unique, their nature is generic; your peaceful state may differ in appearance from your best friend’s, but the nature of both your peaceful state is peace.)

And all of us are familiar with these states, However, fleetingly. They never seem to stay put, or become permanent. So what gives?
At any moment, when we are experiencing some of…

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