A work of art is the unique result of a unique temperament. ~Oscar Wilde

So Be It

Writing is the only place where I can voice my oftentimes very strong opinion without fear of being interrupted. So I would have thought that writing my blog would be more appealing to me. At least the dissenters cannot be heard until I have published my post. I have been lucky, so far, though, not a dissenter in sight. But it seems like, at least for the last two years nearly, the idea of writing my blog has been more appealing to me, than actually writing anything for it. So here I am with a self imposed challenge. 31 days of writing fest. A post a day.

Of course prolific writing may mean writing with nothing to say. This has been my excuse all through 2013 and 2014. I have nothing of importance to say. Nothing that is different, attention grabbing, soul stirring. Hence very little got posted. I have consistently ignored the little voice which has niggled, “writing begets writing”. I have refused to open my notebooks, or my laptop, in order to write my posts. Yes, I have posted a half a dozen pieces of writing, give or take six, but for the most part I have been not writing.

Someone said to me that I have writer’s block. That was so laughable, that I nearly cried. In order to have writer’s block, I would have to be a writer. In order to be a writer, I would have to write. I wish to be a writer. I hope this challenge of a post a day for October 2014 will bring me the impetus of being a writer. I have to change my habit from thinking about writing to actually writing.

So I will fill up my blog with posts, and not worry too much about whether they are profound enough to startle my community with. As my fingers trip over the keyboard, by and by, something will be written worth reading.

So be it


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  1. Feet up…
    Cushions in place….
    Cuppa at elbow…

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