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Laying down the non law

Motherhood extends its experience


Question1-300x300She was confused. She knew what she believed. But she could not say why she believed and hence stuttered when she tried to lay down the law. Which invitation should one honour? The one that Mum has promised to go to months ago, on the tacit understanding that Son would go as well? The one that was a family party, in celebration of a family milestone? Or the one that has suddenly appeared on the horizon, the one which has the appeal of youth and adventure?

She was clear on what she wanted. The promise had been made, and one did not draw back from one’s promise. He was equally clear. The promise may have been made, but it had not been made by him, and his absence would barely be noticed. On the other hand, his presence at the do of his own choice would be of great note…

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BE well…. I hope this resonates with you as it did with me!

The Red Fox and Deer Lady....

Each person, at whichever state or stage of life, wants to feel better. Some are struggling with circumstances, others… with health. Some are stressed and reeling, others unhappy. Some, merely uneasy… others, four-feet under…   
Yet, all is supposedly well!  WellBeing

What, then, is being well?

Physically, when you feel light, energetic and at your quickest, you are well.
Mentally, when you are optimistic, cheerful and at your most calm, you are well.
Emotionally, when you are happy, peaceful and loving (yes!), you are well.
(While the quality of each state is unique, their nature is generic; your peaceful state may differ in appearance from your best friend’s, but the nature of both your peaceful state is peace.)

And all of us are familiar with these states, However, fleetingly. They never seem to stay put, or become permanent. So what gives?
At any moment, when we are experiencing some of…

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Announcing Adorablescents

New forum, new thoughts and new musings. 

I am excited to announce a new blog, to run side by side with bodhimoments.  Please visit and leave a comment.

Much more than an “About” page will be up soon.


Awards. An amazing moment.


I was surprised out of my sleepiness on the weekend when I was presented “Very inspiring Blogger Award”. I write for fun. If anyone finds my musings of use or inspiration, I am blessed and thank them for the honour. I am deeply grateful to Maheshwari for nominating me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.

The rules are to thank and link back to the blogger who has nominated you.  Post the award logo to your blog.  Write a post on the nomination and nominate 15 other very inspiring bloggers.  Notify them and then list 7 things about yourself.

My nominations (in no particular order)  are:

1. Yoga with Maheshwari

2. Christopher de Voss

3. Warm Ginger

4. Yogic housewife

5. Raising My Rainbow

6. Mandzmagee

7. Dianne Gray Author

8. The Red Fox and The Deer Lady

9. Jump For Joy

10. mandzmagee

11. Turning the Pedals

12. Moments with Millie

13. The Librarian Who Doesn’t Say “Shhh”

14. Two Girls, a Mac and the Path to Recovery

15. The Bookshelf of Emily J.

Special mention to This Kid Reviews Books.

I only subscribe to  blogs that inspire me: including blogs that do not necessarily have any spiritual, philosophical or overtly meaningful tones. So, it was hard to make this list. I stuck to WordPress. This would probably have been easier if I had to nominate only one. 15 seems such a large number. I had to worry about which ones I was leaving out.

The Seven Things about myself that I must share:

  1. If I were to ever write my memoirs, I would call it “Giggles, Grunts and Guffaws”. Probably.
  2. I love Autumn, because it combines the perfect temperatures, with the most beautiful colours and the coolest light.
  3. I see myself as a selfish woman.
  4. I can see music. If I cannot see the music I am listening to, I do not like it. J. S. Bach and W. A. Mozart have written the most visible music, I feel.
  5. Words fascinate me. I like rhythm, cadence, meaning. I adore when a string of words have been so perfectly formed that reading it or hearing it only once, keeps it alive in my heart for ever. e.g.: The opening sentence of Pride and Prejudice.
  6. I like festivals, food and folklore.
  7. I believe that 2012 has been the best year of my life so far.

That seems to be that. I took nearly a week to figure this out, so apologies to Maheshwari for the delay.quill


NB: I have read posts where the writers have expressed that they find such awards and rituals intrusive. If I have awarded any like minded writer, my apologies, and please understand that I do not hold you to any pact.


Tag! Christmas Wish List

The Yogic Housewife has tagged me, and I spent a few days thinking about what I would like for Christmas.

I wanted to make it meaningful. “World Peace” is too wishy washy, “17 Million Dollars” is too embarrassing to own to, and “New Cushions For The Couch” would be immediately vetoed by Daughter. ( Her life’s mission being to make sure I don’t buy any more cushions).

I could wish for Dolphin Safe Fishing. Or Free Seas for Whales. But Greenpeace are looking after that. Thank you, Greenpeace.

I could wish for  “Well Fed World” But World Vision is up all night making sure that happens. WooHoo! World Vision!


Or a Zombie free Apocalypse. But our Prime Minister  has assured us that the Government has it all under control.


So I am free to choose:

Christian Dior’s Lipsticks and Nail Polishes from their Limited edition Le Grand Bal Collection. All fours shades of each will do nicely, thank you. Very kind of you to offer, but I can do without the eye shadows and all those other items of glamour. I do not need to be inundated with gifts.

Dior Le Grand Bal

It seems like I now need to tag five bloggers:



Yoga with Maheshwari


Lakshmi Loves To Shop


What would YOU like for Christmas?

NB: I found this fun to do, but to those whom I have tagged, let me assure you, I release you from the need to continue the chain. No harm will come to you or anyone you know, or do not know, from your ignoring the tag. I wish all of those who have supported me in my blogging attempt(s) this year and before, A Very Merry Christmas, and may you all be as Silly as you please!

PS: I shall continue writing posts, because I find I love to do so. That will be part of my silliness. Does anyone visit blogs during the hey go mad days of the Christmas Season?

The Locked Trolley

A regular day of shopping. Or so I thought it would be. Get some regular day to day clothes that always seem to reach end of life, get some food and ingredients that always seem to get eaten and head off back home. As I parked the car I realised that I was in the wrong spot for the supermarket, it would be a long trek back pushing a trolley. Shrugging off the thought with another, “It will do me good to push the trolley further” I went off to do my shopping.

140 minutes or so later, there I was pushing the trolley back, laden with groceries and figuring out how best to get to the car. Of course, it involved getting out on to the street and pushing it along the footpath, across a pedestrian
crossing and then across a set of lights further along. All the while within the bounds of the mall, I was just in between two buildings of Westfield, not away, just to a car park within the shopping bounds for this Westfield. Somewhere I have parked often before.

What happened? You guessed it, my trolley decided I was a Bad Woman, trying to run away with it. Down descended the yellow lock and my trolley would not budge. Right as I was going across a driveway from a car park where other, more clever parkers of cars had parked close to Coles.

So here I was, dragging my trolley back to safety and poking underneath it to see why it had locked itself.

A pretty girl asked “Whoa! What happened?”

Giving the trolley a scientific jerk, I said, “the trolley won’t move!”

Her male companion said ”You have to push it.”

!*@!*%! Really?

I decided against answering, and the girl helped me by lifting the trolley and the guy offered helpful hints “it’s locked” “I don’t know” “it’s locked”…

They strolled off after a while.

As I dragged the trolley along to the short distance to the car park, I assumed that something had gone wrong, and that I was unable to unlock it because I am not clever enough. Until another helpful person walked by. “That is locked,” he said. “They do it on purpose. You cannot unlock it, I got caught just like this the other day on the other side.”

“I am just trying to get to the car park!” I wailed. He shrugged and turned away.

Thoroughly disgruntled, I jerked, pushed and pulled the three wheeled and one locked trolley back to close to my car, and then took my things and went home.

Mr Coles, and Mrs. Woolworths, and all the other giant markets who feel the need to protect your trolleys from the big bad gang of trolley thieves please be assured that we are not ALL out to get your trolleys. And we might need to park a little distance away, probably because the car park near the supermarket is full. Probably because we have to go to other shops as well which are a fair distance away from your end of the supermarket. So while you invent ingenuous new ways to stop trolley theft, spare a thought for the vast majority of us who are innocent and honest and desperately want to do some legitimate shopping.


In the meantime please enjoy the Christmas tree from Darwin.



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