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Magnetic Poetry

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Quickly, then. Just so as to not miss another day ( I have already missed Day Three). Here is a rant, if only to keep the writing juices flowing.

I can write long and easily on any topic that I feel like, as long as it is prose. I fail completely if I have to write poetry. I don’t understand why writing prose and poetry are such different skills.

A friend of my daughter’s had given her a gift of fridge magnets. These fridge magnets are words from some of the lines of a few poems by T. S. Elliott. The idea is to create your own poetry on the fridge door using these words. As soon as my daughter put up the words on the fridge door, everyone jumped in and created couplets, lines, poetry of some order. I must say, I was very impressed by the poems or couplets my children put up. They seemed fun and deep, had a certain resonance to the words, and created pictures of people and thoughts that were quite interesting. I struggled for at least half an hour after everyone else had wandered off, then I gave up. I could not even string three words together, let alone a couple of lines.

This was not only because the others had used up all the “good” words. I know. Only the other day, I took some of the words from the other poems and tried making something up. Nothing happened. I had a jumble of words up on the door, with no meaning whatsoever. So I let it be, disheartened.

Is writing poetry so very different? What is it that stops me? Any ideas, anyone?

Image Credit: http://images.clipartpanda.com/pen-and-paper-black-and-white-scroll-quill-illustration-12231272.jpg

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